Female Co-worker Needs Some Time Off To Process Cheryl’s Divorce


23-Year-Old Shona Hooley has requested some time off after receiving some devastating news.

Shona learned of Cherly Fernandez Versini’s imminent divorce while looking at her phone on the sly under her desk and reading 47 stories about the X-Factor judge on the Mail Online, prompting her to begin openly weeping on the office floor of Massey Client Services Ltd.

“Ugh,” Shona said in between covering her entire face in tissues and make up wipes, her breathing gathering pace and giving way to a convulsion of tears every time she tried to articulate the devastating sadness that was now both her and Cheryl’s daily life.

“Me… and Cher bear… know what it’s like to just… be loved and not get… love in return,” Shona bleated sheep like to her co-worker Rory Neelon, who was trying his best to ignore what was happening.

Before Rory could ask what Shona was actually talking about Shona reliable informed him that ‘Cheryl and I are like two sides of the same beautiful and unlucky in love coin’.

“It’s just like ‘wow’ out of the fucking blue or what, you know,” Shona added, this time to the entire office.

After a brief meeting with the office HR manager, Shona had made clear that due to the huge significance of this monumental shift in Cheryl’s life, Shona would need a week, maybe two weeks off tops to mourn the end of a relationship that was ‘meant to fix so much of the pain that Cheryl had endured with Ashley’.