Denis O’Brien To Sue CAB For Containing The Word ‘Criminal’


AFTER reports in The Irish Times, The Guardian, Malta Independent Online and not the Irish Independent revealed that Maltese native Denis O’Brien will face questioning in relation to the findings of the Moriarty Tribunal, comes yet more revelations.

There are rumours of legal action taken against the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) by solicitors acting on behalf of Denis O’Brien as they believe that, if their client was to be interviewed by a body with the word ‘criminal’ in it, it would lead to unfair and negative connotations which could affect his untarnished reputation.

“Question our client? Uh, the audacity of it all. The word ‘question’ itself is quite violent and accusatory, isn’t it,” a solicitor purporting to represent Mr. O’Brien explained.

This action is in addition to O’Brien’s ongoing battle in court with the English language, which sees the Digicel owner suing the human communication system for creating and circulating malicious words such as ‘rotund’, ‘jowly’, ‘chubby’, ‘payment’, ‘money’, ‘licence’ ‘corruption’ and ‘megalomaniac’.

“That normal members of the public are just allowed to use these words is worrying,” the solicitor added, “who knows when they’d say them and to whom”.

The fact that the Criminal Assets Bureau was set up to investigate claims of money and assets gained through serious crime, is also believed to be of concern for solicitors.

“We’ll probably look to disband the CAB and maybe erase it from history books, and make it illegal for anyone to remember it existed, just basic stuff like that. To talk to my client and have the word ‘criminal’ in your title, you’d have to have some nerve,” the solicitor concluded.