Luke Skywalker Controversially Relocated To Rural Parish


LOCALS in a small Kerry community have raised questions as to why an elderly member of a religious order who was involved in a controversial incident involving young people was relocated to their locality, after it was revealed that Luke Skywalker was living on an island off the coast of the Iveragh peninsula.

Skywalker, a high-ranking member of the Jedi order, was spotted on the island of Skellig Michael by passing fishermen who recognised him from his days as the saviour of the known galaxy.

Despite his glorious past, rumour abound that Skywalker was forced to leave his position as a trainer in the Jedi academy, following a hushed-up incident.

The appearance of Skywalker in Kerry marks the first time in Irish history when an elderly cleric was relocated to a remote parish under a veil of mystery.

“We don’t mind him in the parish, as long as he’s not going to be causing any trouble,” said one local we interviewed.

“Somebody saw fit to tell him to come down this way until whatever trouble he was in had all blown over, and we don’t question anything like that around here. Sure, if he was a danger to us in any way, we’re sure the guards would have been onto him by now”.

Doubts are being raised as to how Skywalker managed to get to such a high position within the Jedi order, with many suggesting his father might have gotten him the job.