Pregnant Woman’s Hands Seemingly Glued To Her Belly


CONCERN has been expressed for a pregnant Waterford woman as it appears her hands have been glued to her belly for some months now, WWN can reveal.

Seven months into her pregnancy Tramore woman, Rachel Langan, has been spotted in public with her hands permanently placed against her belly with increasing frequency sparking serious concern her hands may be attached by a very strong adhesive.

“I thought she was just feeling the baby kick or something at first, but I handed her a cup of tea the other morning and she just wouldn’t take it, her hands stuck to the bump,” explained Rachel’s partner Tony Cummings.

Several incidents in recent weeks have seen those closest to the mother-to-be draw the conclusion that at some point in recent months someone has glued Rachel’s hands to her belly.

All of Rachel’s social media posts since October have featured her posing with her hands on her belly, with many speculating the posts are a silent cry for help, as she may be too scared to say it out loud.

“Maybe Tony did it to her, who knows,” Rachel’s close friend Vicky Corless shared.

“We were out for lunch the other day and her hands were out of action because she wasn’t able to move them from her bump, so I had to feed Rachel her chicken carbonara myself in the end, it was bizarre”.