Man Who Gave Up Weed For New Year’s ‘Cleaning A Lot’


ONCE long-time cannabis user Mark Doherty has admitted today to being super productive since giving up smoking the herb at New Years, stating that he has already cleaned his house from top-to-bottom seven times since stopping.

Doherty, who works in the IFSC in Dublin, said his family home has never been so clean, but finds himself not knowing what else to do when he comes home from work.

“I had to give up because of new laws coming in that will prohibit motorists from smoking cannabis, even if that smoke was inhaled three weeks ago, which is pure bullshit on the government’s part if you ask me,” the businessman said. “Now all I do is productive things like cleaning and ironing clothes, trying to take my mind off it.

“I don’t know what to do with this sudden burst of energy; I really need a smoke,” he added, now desperately aligning picture frames on the mantlepiece.

Doherty also complained of sleeping issues during the night, as ‘the smoke’ helped him drift off in seconds after his head hitting the pillow.

“The fucking dreams I’ve been having lately since I gave up are mental. That is, when I do finally get to sleep,” he said. “I’m half thinking of applying for a second job in the evenings. Who knew being sober after work would be so hard.”

Doherty later added that he is currently available to clean homes in the Rathmines area of Dublin from 7-10pm, Monday to Friday.