85% Of Fitness Regimes Now Involve A Tyre For Some Reason


GYMS across the country have been stocking up on tyres of all shapes and sizes ahead of the traditional new year’s rush, as the vast majority of fitness regimes now seem to revolve around jumping on, pulling, or flipping over the heavy rubber circles.

Nobody’s quite sure when tyres became the number 1 piece of fitness equipment in the world, although it is believed that one person saw somebody do it on TV once and through time everyone copied it.

Gyms are now obligated to stock a range of rimless tyres for patrons to do standing jumps onto, bigger tyres for flipping over, and really big tyres for people to hit with sledgehammers.

“There was a time when if you wanted to get fit you ran on a machine or you lifted some weights,” said Michael Strongman, owner and operator of Michael’s Gym in Dublin. “Now people just want to haul around tyres like they’re working for Fast Fit. If this keeps up, I don’t know what the farmers are going to use come silage season”.

Meanwhile, retail giants Lidl and Aldi are to begin selling fitness tyres at low prices from next week, which will be found in their middle aisle section.