Man’s Love For Girlfriend Manifests Itself In Reasonably Priced Xmas Present


PORTLAW man Ciaran Varley is hard at work finding a reasonably priced Christmas present, which adequately relays his feelings of undying love for his girlfriend of 3 years.

Varley (26), has gone on record a number of times to outline the depth of his feelings for Paula Halpin, and is determined that the gift he buys her this Christmas reflects that love, provided the gift is like €50 tops.

“Ah, I’m mad about the girl, she’s my world like and I want this Christmas present to prove that, so I’ve been poking around the sales for something in the region of €20, I’ll stretch to €50, but come on, I’ll be able to do the job for cheaper,” Varley explained to WWN as he rummaged through a bargain bin in Boots.

It is believed that he is just one of thousands of men who have already embarked on an extensive search for the Christmas present, which will form the definitive expression of an all encompassing love that knows no limits or bounds.

“I love her boi, yeah,” Varley added, further solidifying his intention to buy a present that will knock Halpin’s socks off that comes in at around the price of a trip to a fancy barbers.

Meanwhile, separate reports in the Waterford area put Varley’s girlfriend in her local travel agents booking Varley’s dream holiday to New Zealand.