Primary School Pupil Begins Work On Cardboard Christmas Thing For Parents To Bin


SENIOR infants pupil Denis Conway has today started working on a cardboard Christmas thing for his parents, unaware that they will more than likely bin the thing next week.

Conway, who believes that he’s working on something unique and useful, began the cardboard cut-out creation shortly after arriving at school, due to his teacher Ms. Clancy being very hungover from an end-of-year staff session last night.

“It’s a Santa shaped Christmas card… I think,” she demonstrated with an example from last year, half gagging at the taste of Jagermeister and Redbull still lingering in her upper palate. “Just go for it guys, use your imagination. Plenty of paper plates there too. I’m just going to do some important work here so don’t interrupt me.”

After a gruelling four hours, the senior infant class of 2015 finished up the surprise for their parents, with many of the surprises resembling nothing more than Corn Flakes boxes with glitter and incoherent lettering.

“Well done guys, great jo,.” a suddenly happy looking Ms. Clancy bellowed. “Make sure to bring them home now to your mammy and daddy,” muttering under her breath, “I’m sure they’ll be delighted.”

Making his way out to the collection zone, Denis Conway waved his Santa shaped Christmas card to the whole yard, before giving it to his mother to recycle next week.