Local Muslim Kid Has No Idea Why Play Date Requests Have Dried Up


7-YEAR-OLD Waterford native and self-confessed Muslim Mustafa Hassan has no idea why there has been a sudden reduction in the number of play date requests sent in his general direction in the last 4 weeks.

A pupil at St. Christopher’s primary school, Mustafa had hit a near endless streak of after school play dates with his classmates and best friends from the beginning of the academic year up until mid November when the social calendars of his fellow classmates suddenly became very busy.

“I said I would go around to Jack’s house to play Playstation, but then Jack said his Playstation was broke, so I said he could over to mine on Friday after school, but he said his mam would say no,” Mustafa explained, although not quite understanding it himself.

Mustafa’s mother went to great lengths to reassure him that it wasn’t his fault and that he has done nothing wrong, confusing the 7-year-old even further.

“Mam bought me a new game last week ‘cus I said no one wants to come over to my house ‘cus I only have the old games, but Ryan said he played the new FIFA and that it is really bad, so he doesn’t want to come over,” Mustafa added.

Despite the successful efforts of Mustafa to join in all classroom related hijinks, and help Ciaran with his maths during class, Ciaran’s mother has made it clear to Mustafa through a series of confusing reasons, that Ciaran simply isn’t able to come over after school next Monday or any other day because he has hurling training that evening.

“We don’t have hurling everyday though,” Mustafa confirmed, wondering if his shortsighted purchase of the new FIFA game was to blame for his play dates drying up.