AIB Agree To Pay Back State In 1c And 2c Coins


AFTER ratifying the decision at an EGM, AIB has confirmed they will pay back the first part of their €21 billion State loan in 1 and 2 cent coins.

“Customers are forever coming in with endless bags of coins, so we thought we might return the favour,” one AIB worker told WWN, “I can’t wait to see the look on the public’s face when they realise they’ll have to count out twenty one billion of it”.

AIB’s Chairman Richard Pym voiced his gratitude to the Irish people and the Government and confirmed the first €1.7 billion payment would be made once they had gathered together all their 1 and 2 cent coins.

The Government had previously confirmed any such payments from the 99.8% owned State bank would go towards bringing down the country’s level of debt and not on a great big holiday for everyone, causing huge disappointment amongst the general public.

In order to ensure AIB have paid the €1.7 billion in full, the coalition Government has been working around the clock to carefully count out the coins.

“We’ve had to re-count 15 times already because all the opposition TDs kept poking their heads in shouting out random numbers,” a visibly frustrated Michael Noonan told WWN.

“33, 74, 45, 7, 12,456,” shouted Gerry Adams from the nearby doorway resulting in large sighs from Noonan and his colleagues who had almost got to counting €9 without interruption.