YouTube Conspiracy Video Suggests Nakatomi Incident Was Inside Job


A VIDEO posted on YouTube by a prominent conspiracy theorist has suggested that the 1988 terrorist takeover of the Nakatomi building in Los Angeles may have been orchestrated by senior shareholders with the Japanese corporation itself.

26 people lost their lives during the infamous incident, with many more wounded by gunfire, explosions, and being covered in glass. Hans Gruber, who masterminded the attack and subsequent siege, was killed by a guest at the party following hours of carnage which saw the entire top story of the Nakatomi building destroyed by an explosion.

In the 27 years following the attack Gruber has been held responsible by authorities, but a damning new online documentary has pointed the finger at senior members of the Nakatomi Trading Corporation, claiming that Gruber could not have pulled off the attack without significant insider information.

Titled “Nakatomi; The Truth”, the 130 minute video interviews survivors and pieces together information from building inspectors, retired police chiefs and Nakatomi staff, weaving a convincing argument that shareholders stood to reap great benefits from the devastating attack.

“The attackers had full knowledge of the building layout, the contents of the vault, and the personal history of company president Joseph Takagi,” said video producer Michael Ellis, whose uncle Harry was killed in the attack.

“They knew to a dime how much money they could make, and exactly what course of action the police and FBI would take. That takes either miraculous good fortune, or significant information coming from high level Nakatomi and police staff. Reports show that Nakatomi stock soared after the incident, making huge numbers of people very rich indeed. This is one of the greatest lies ever told to the American public, and the truth deserves to be known”.

The video goes on to suggest that large numbers of people were seen on nearby rooftops, cheering as the Nakatomi building was rocked with explosions, and that no Jewish people turned up that day for the Christmas party.