Local Mother Convinced Lesbian Daughter’s 5 Year Civil Partnership ‘Just A Phase’


WATERFORD Mother Teresa O’Donovan can’t shake the feeling her daughter’s loving and committed civil partnership of 5 years is still ‘just a phase’.

Teresa’s daughter Shona has been living happily with her partner in a home they purchased some 10 years ago and have plans to start a family, but her mother remains unconvinced.

“You’d just be afraid she’s rushed into it,” Teresa explained, “it was different with myself and her father, we got married because I got pregnant, now there’s a real reason to rush into anything. This has happened all very quickly for our Shona, ya know?” Teresa added, discussing her daughter’s 15 year relationship with her partner Louise.

Teresa admitted that she was so convinced her daughter’s sexuality was just a phase that she regularly outlines news of any men becoming single in the locality.

Shona for her part, has found it hard to take on board her mother’s concerns.

“It’s a phase alright, as we’ll be moving into a new phase when we get married next year,” Shona explained to WWN.