Waterford Man Comes Out As Justin Beiber Fan


FRIENDS and family members of Gerry Burke have today congratulated the 38-year-old for coming out online as a Justin Beiber fan, after keeping his praise for the singer’s secret for over a year.

Mr. Burke, who admitted to slating the singer in the past, made the brave move on his Facebook page with a lengthy status update outlining various reasons why he changed his tune.

‘I don’t care if anyone calls me gay, but Justin Bieber’s latest stuff is pretty fucking amazing lads,’ Burke began. ‘He’s after maturing a lot in the last couple of years despite the bad press and the haters. I’m not saying I’m a fan, as such, but I do like his music, and if anyone has a problem with that they can go fuck.’

The post, which gained almost 7 likes in only a matter of days, attracted numerous well wishes for the part-time builder, praising him for his ‘brave’ stance.

‘Fair play to ya Ger, we always kinda knew anyway,’ said brother James Burke.

‘That’s a very brave thing to say, Gerry, fair play,” wrote long-time friend Peadar Casey.

Adding to his original post, Mr. Burke thanked everyone for their well-wishes and said he was overwhelmed by people’s acceptance of the news.

“I really don’t know why I was so worried about coming out as a Beiber fan,” he said. “It’s like a weight has been lifted off my chest.”