Underwater Divers Discover Long Lost City Of Athlone


DIVERS in county Westmeath claim to have discovered the long lost city of Athlone during a routine training exercise this morning.

Located on the River Shannon near the southern shore of Lough Ree, divers Kieran Kennedy and Patrick Doyle said they found undeniable evidence that Athlone is now submerged under water, debunking previous claims that the great city is a myth.

“We found hundreds of medical syringes and old coins dating back to 2002 on the river bed,” lead diver Patrick Doyle confirmed. “There is also what appears to be an old church that I can only describe as Mediterranean in origin with double spires”.

Up until now, historians branded the story of the sinking city as folklore, but many have since backtracked after today’s findings.

“When a city lies dormant underwater it is very easy to forget its history,” Professor Terry Greene of the University Of Limerick told WWN. “Everyone has heard of the myth of the long lost city. Even the great Irish philosopher Richie Kavanagh referenced it in several of his poems. But seeing is actually believing, and today has proven that there is no smoke without fire.”

The Government has been urged to provide emergency funding to raise the city above sea level, with some experts even suggesting actual people are living in the ancient city but so far the Government has failed to act citing ‘insufficient amount of votes in it for us’ as their excuse.

Archaeologists at the site have examined some of the finds, confirming the syringes and needles to be indicative of the once bustling city of Athlone.