‘I’m Coming Down With The Flu Or Something’ Aldo Tells Coach


UFC featherweight champion José Aldo has this morning told coach Pedro Rizzo that he may be coming down with the flu or something, claiming to be suffering from ‘shivers and an upset tummy’, a source inside the camp revealed.

Clasping tightly to his championship belt in his Las Vegas hotel room, the 29-year-old Brazilian said he didn’t feel like getting up this morning and refused to let Rizzo take his temperature with a thermometer.

“He told the coach that he was awake all night and that he doesn’t need a thermometer to tell him that he’s sick,” the insider said. “He even pushed him away when he tried to put a hand on his forehead.

“José said he has had flutters in his stomach all week, hinting that it may be a sign of the flu. He also refused medical treatment, claiming that all he needs is a few weeks rest and he’ll be fine.”

During the bedside standoff, Aldo said tomorrow’s fight now looks unlikely, admitting to breaking out in cold sweats every time he thinks about the bout.

“It’s unusual because he complained about a sore rib the last time he was meant to fight McGregor too,” added the source. “Coach is still trying his best to get him up. We even left a trail of cash from the bed to the front door but he hasn’t budged. He keeps clinging onto his belt and rocking back and forth.”

José Aldo is due to fight interim title holder Conor McGregor for the featherweight championship tomorrow night in Las Vegas at 3am Irish time.

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