Mother Not Vaccinating Child Because She Read Something Somewhere


A WATERFORD mother has confirmed her intention to leave her children unvaccinated against a series of infections and ailments thanks to the timely intervention of revelatory information she sort of remembers reading somewhere at some point in the last few weeks.

“There’s all sorts of stuff in them vaccines, and they cripple a child on the spot,” explained mother-of-two Vicky Townsend to her GP Dr. Angela Cummings.

While the precise content of the Facebook post that whizzed by her news feed is by now, but a hazy recollection of half remembered things, Townsend isn’t letting “a single fucking vaccine” near her precious kids.

“All due respect to you being a doctor and all, but this post had loads of writing on it and a big ‘X’ sign through a vaccine, and then there was a sad looking baby who was crying on it as well,” Townsend explained, detailing her tirelessly researched, peer-shared Facebook post.

Reassured that immunising her child against things like the threat of diphtheria, polio meningitis, septicaemia and pneumonia was a necessary and worthwhile thing to do, Townsend once again stressed how the evidence to the contrary was overwhelming.

“This other post had the word ‘mercury’ on it, you get that right? Like you know that’s bad? Am I talking to a brick fucking wall here doc, no disrespect like,” Townsend confirmed, safe in the knowledge her children would not be brainwash by mind controlling autism bullets.