Local Man Doesn’t Like New Lidl Layout


A COUNTY Waterford man said he was left “disorientated and abandoned” at his local Lidl last week after failing on several occasions to find his favourite products after the store took it upon themselves to rearrange the shop floor.

Darren Woods, who travels 24kms every week to shop in the store, took four hours to complete the run, vowing never to return there again.

“At first I had to go outside again to check I was in the right store,” he recalled. “It looked liked Lidl with all the pallets everywhere, but the aisles were very different and there were hoards of lost people wandering around the place. It was mayhem.”

Entering the store at 3:45pm, Mr. Woods first began looking for the cereal section.

“It’s usually the first thing I buy as they were beside the front door,” he added. “All I found was a young Polish family in hysterics, crying out for Gherkins. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that Lidl discontinued them weeks ago… so I carried on.”

It wasn’t until 7pm that Mr. Woods finally got the last of his shopping, before making his way to the end of the queue for the till.

“I started crying out of exhaustion,” he said. “People were clapping one another as they stood in line as a show of solidarity. I will never forget that day for as long as I live.”