iPad Pro Claims First Victim After Man Drops It On His Face


A LONDON native has become the world’s first iPad Pro casualty, after suffering “blunt force trauma to the skull” when he let it slip out of his hands while lying in bed.

Miles Kennedy, 34, was pronounced dead by investigators who attended the scene in the Croydon area of London earlier today.

Mr. Kennedy, a keen gadget aficionado, had purchased the latest iPad at the weekend, after deeming his existing iPad to be “a piece of crap” in comparison.

He then spent all day Sunday using the powerful computing tool to play Words With Friends and watch videos of skateboarding fails on YouTube.

It is believed that at some stage last night, Kennedy was lying in bed while using the 12″ iPad to piss around on Twitter, when it slipped out of his fingers and smashed him right in the face. He died instantly.

“Using tablets or phones while you’re sleepy is incredibly dangerous,” said Jenna Twinings, the pathologist who attended the scene.

“We’re seeing more and more injuries arising from people dozing off and dropping the gadget on their face. The iPad pro is far bigger than any other tabled on the market, and weighs 1.6lbs; falling from an arm’s length, it broke Mr. Kennedy’s orbital bone and drove his nose through his brain. Death was instant”.

Apple have responded to the incident by issuing a statement urging all iPad Pro users to purchase an “iHelmet”, available from Apple stores nationwide.