Waterford Man Doesn’t Give Out Home Wi-Fi Password To Just Anyone


A LOCAL Waterford City man has caused a stir recently thanks to his consistent policy of closely guarding the password to his home Wi-Fi connection, without any exception, regardless of who is requesting it.

Damien Mullen, a 34-year-old grandson of four, will, depending on the person, offer to personally enter the Wi-Fi password into the phones of house guests, but has yet to divulge what the password is, confusing almost all of his guests.

“Nah yer grand, just tell me it there and I’ll type it in,” Damien’s longtime friend Ed Deeney protested as his friend insisted on putting in the password himself.

Damien claimed Ed would do well to take his free Wi-Fi anyway, it’s given and not complain.

“Sure, Terry from across the way was over and I just told him it was broken, you just never know with people and your wifi, he might be torrenting like a mad yoke when you’re not looking, ya know,” Damien explained.

Damien’s parents, along with his girlfriend Angela have been similarly told in the past that the Wi-Fi was ‘acting the bollocks’ and sadly could not be accessed.

“Ah no, honestly tell me it there like, it’s just a password, not Fort Knox boi,” Ed confirmed, while beginning to become suspicious of his friend’s attachment to a fucking Wi-Fi password.