David Cameron Leaves ‘EU Leaders’ Whatsapp Group Set Up By Angela Merkel


IN a stunning turn of events for the future of Europe, UK leader David Cameron has left a specially set up Whatsapp group titled ‘EU leaders’, which was set up by German chancellor Angela Merkel.

The passive aggressive move suggests PM Cameron is coming around to the more eurosceptic beliefs held by many in his own Conservative party, sparking fears it is now more than likely the UK will leave the EU.

“I placed several Union Jack emojis next to German flags and then put love hearts, and then he immediately left the group. I thought I was being subtle,” Merkel confirmed to WWN.

Merkel is said to be disappointed with Cameron’s exit from the Whatsapp group as it had taken a long time to find the perfect group photo of all the leaders for the chat group.

“Hollande wanted to put a picture of a pig and I was against it, we Germans are a little bit better at laughing at ourselves than those stuffy Brits,” Merkel confirmed.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny had met Cameron in London on Monday, and was instructed to post a number of selfies with Cameron to the Whatsapp group, which would lead EU heads of state, instructed by Merkel, to heavily compliment the British leader’s appearance.

However, a stumbling block occurred as Kenny could not figure out how to Whatsapp on his Nokia 3210, leading to several disposable cameras being purchased.

Keen to keep Ireland’s biggest trading partner in the EU, Kenny is said to have handcuffed himself to Cameron before swallowing the keys to the cuff, vowing to remained chained to the prime minister until he agreed to stay in the EU.