Seeing Your Happy Facebook Memories Now The Most Depressing Part Of Your Day


THE initially charming “On This Day” feature on popular social networking site Facebook has rapidly evolved from a fun glance at events of previous years to poignant, sorrow-filled daggers of daily pain.

Aimed at showing past user events from their timeline, the posts were initially a novelty as people tagged their friends and laughed as they reminisced about some party they went to three years ago.

However, the posts now mainly serve to show people that not so long ago, they were slimmer, healthier, and happier than they are now. A “Facebook Memory” of a graduation ceremony is the prefect way to remind the person in it that it’s four years later and they still haven’t got a job, while another old photo might remind someone working in a call centre that four years ago, they were sipping cocktails on a the warm white sands of beach in Thailand while the crystal clear blue water lapped at their toes.

“I want to block them, but I can’t bring myself to” said one male user, who frequently receives reminders that he was once several stone lighter with a full head of hair and his pick of the ladies.

“What’s the point? It’s not going to make me skinnier, or give me back my hair. So I sit there every morning on the bus to a job I hate, looking back at photos which remind me about how time is an unstoppable force that ravishes all that stands in its way. Cheers, Facebook”.

Statistics show that although the memories are painful for many, nearly 100% of Facebook users go on to share the posts with their friends, possibly in a bid to make them miserable too.