The Co-Worker Review: New James Bond Film Is “OK At Best”


KEEPING you up to date with his opinions of the latest cinematic releases, that one guy in the office who you only sort of know has voiced his opinion on ‘Spectre’, the latest James Bond adventure which is being described by your co-worker as being “alright”.

Spectre, which sees Daniel Craig reprise his role as the suave British secret agent for the fourth time after the record breaking success of ‘Skyfall’, is still not as good as Pierce Brosnan according to your co-worker.

The globe-spanning plot of the $200m dollar production was deemed to be “a bit like the older films”, but this point wasn’t expanded on as it your co-worker “didn’t want to give too much away”.

“It’s good yeah, I mean, it’s alright”, said your co-worker during 10 o’clock break.

“It’s not as good as the last one. There’s some silly shit in it, but nothing too major. And there’s some funny stuff in it too, there’s this one bit… nah, I’ll not spoil it on you. Are you going to see it? I’d say you’d enjoy it alright. Let me know what you think”.

Summarising his review, your co-worker gave it maybe a seven out of ten or so, and criticised the fact that it “goes on way too long” and that the bad guy is “only really in it at the end”.