Sinn Féin’s New York Fundraiser Raises Enough Money To Send Party To Disneyland


THERE were joyous scenes in New York yesterday evening, as a beaming Gerry Adams surprised his colleagues by telling them he was taking them all to Disneyland.

A fundraising drive in the American city was organised to raise funds for the Republican party’s upcoming Irish election efforts, but with their target easily exceeded, Adams confirmed there was some spare ‘holiday money’.

Sinn Féin’s decision to bring all their sitting TDs, councillors and MEPs to Disneyland in Florida was made despite the Irish Independent putting together an informative photo gallery which showed what weapons Sinn Féin could potentially buy with any fundraising revenue.

“The look on their faces when I told them all, it was just great,” a smiling Adams shared with WWN.

“This is something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives,” Adams explained, adding that he couldn’t wait for a go on Splash Mountain.

Adams and party deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald were both in attendance at the dinner, despite missing several important Dáil debates.

It is believed the socialist party raised as much as $400,000 at their $500-a-plate fundraiser dinner, leaving the door open for several novelty T-shirts to be bought.

“Maintaining morale is important within the party, and its supporter base, we’ll buy a few Mickey Mouse T-shirt, but they gouge you on prices down there so they do,” Adams concluded.