5 Ways Instagram Stars Fake Their Photos


THE social media world has been rocked by the revelations from Instragram star Essena O’Neill about the motivations behind taking photos for her hugely popular profile, and subsequently making the controversial decision to ‘quit’ social media, claiming it is ‘a lie’.

Backlash and recriminations have followed, but after WWN did some digging it became very clear that O’Neill was not alone in her narcissistic deceptions. Here are 5 shocking ways leading Instragrams stars are faking their photos.


1) A method favoured by stars like Kendall Jenner sees the celebrity variety of Instragram kings and queens turn to Hollywood’s special effects and CGI whizzes. Gone is the notion of simply photoshopping images so that stars appear close to preened perfection as possible. Something far more sinister is being used by stars.

Paying huge sums of money to leading animators at Pixar’s LA studios, entire photos of celebrities appearing to be chilling out or trying on outfits are 100% CGI creations that can trick the eye completely. These special effects creations free up schedules and allow stars to go about their normal day, safe in the knowledge that the leading Hollywood animators will post up countless CGI-generated images of pre-decided content. Shocking.


2) Stars who are only beginning to gain a following on the social media turn to even more drastic and in fact illegal means to share a supposedly enviable lifestyle. Gabrielle Epstein, now established as one of the site’s most followed lifestyle ‘grammars, wasn’t always so popular.

Broke, and with no sponsored posts, Epstein broke into one of the home’s owned by Australia’s richest woman Gina Rinehart, and claimed squatters rights all to give the impression she was leading a life dominated by luxury, utilising the beach side location for many of her bikini shots.


3) Makeup tutorials are all the rage on YouTube, and some of the results are nothing short of amazing. Quick to jump on a trend, several Instragrammers have perfected the art of applying make up to cover up unsightly blemishes that society tells us are disgusting. One such Instagram queen utilising this method is Shirley Braha, owner of Instagram’s most famous dog – Marnie.

However, the 13-year-old Shitzu is in fact a cat. Braha admitted the deception last week while the media focused on Essena O’Neill. “I used a make up tutorial meant for someone looking to perfect contouring, but I knew if I made Marnie look like a dog I’d make more money that way. So I admit it, she’s a cat”.


4) Instagram fitness guru Lita Lewis is another person gaining a huge following posting seflies of herself looking lean, strong and fit. However, followers have been shocked to learn that what Lita hasn’t told them is that to gain toned abs like her you need to go to the gym and not just pose in gym clothes on social media accounts.

“I feel cheated, I posed in over 4,000 gym clothes photos and saw no change in my appearance. She needed to be honest and tell us it required hard work,” one disgruntled former fan said on the site.


5) Most disturbing of all for followers of popular Instragram accounts is the dishonest news that the site allows people to add ‘filters’ to their photos. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and many more utilise a feature which give the photo a different, often more artistic look and feel. If you see a cool photo, be warned, the photographer could have used a reality altering filter which changes the complexion of the photo beyond recognition.