Local Entrepreneur Currently Memorising How To Spell Entrepreneur Correctly


IN an effort to boost his chances of becoming a multi-billionaire tech wizard, a self-confessed entrepreneur is busy trying to nail the correct spelling of the sometimes tricky word.

“If I’m to be taken seriously, it probably is time I nailed down the word, spelling wise,” Waterford innovator and unsuccessful idea generator Malcolm Kiernan explained to WWN.

Buoyed by a record number of retweets for one of his Tweets focusing on this week’s Web Summit, Kiernan was more determined than ever to succeed with an idea, whatever that idea ends up being.

“Fail to prepare and prepare to fail,” explained the incredibly focused business entrepreneur, who has so far created one job for himself on a full time basis, focusing on ‘coming up with an idea’.

“I think people sometimes place too much focus on developing a unique idea, when really it’s about spelling ‘entrepreneur’ correctly and bingo, you’re a game changer, a visionary, a tech guru,” Kiernan confirmed.

Kiernan cautioned any young person trying to get into the entrepreneurial game to bone up on their spelling of the word if they want to prosper.

“Ah, seriously, how many times does the letter ‘e’ crop up this bastarding word,” he added, visibly frustrated by the more difficult aspect of the word, which comes towards the word’s more complex second half.

“N-e-u-r, is that right? That’s not right, it looks weird, doesn’t it,” Kiernan queried while looking at his hand-written attempts at spelling the word.