Instagram Has Enough Pictures Of Autumn Leaves, Arts Student Told


SOCIAL networking and photo sharing site Instagram has taken the unprecedented step of informing a 21-year-old Irish Arts student that they’re ‘doing alright for pictures of Autumn leaves, cheers’.

Head of Instagram’s ‘user monitoring’ division Gregory Bastable moved quickly to bring an end to Rachel Herring’s constant uploading of pictures of Autumn leaves when it became clear the UCD student had no intention of growing out of the picture taking phase.

“Leaves on the ground, leaves still on the trees, herself in a big pile of leaves. She had gone mad with the leaves,” confirmed Bastable, explaining the rationale behind limiting Rachel’s access to her account if the trend continued.

“It’s always the fucking Arts students, we have to hire 700 extra staff in the event of a white Christmas, the fuckers act like they’ve never seen snow before,” Bastable added, before confirming that while some of Rachel’s photos were good, solid compositions, the other 1,237 were absolute shite.

While Rachel is not the only student to take excessive pictures of ultimately meaningless decaying leaves, Bastable singled out the Dublin native to serve as a warning to others.

“Listen, there’s about 400 students there in UCD alone who are about one picture of their fucking coffee cups away from being banned from the site for life,” an angry Bastable concluded.