Board Meeting Has No Idea Office Rebel Is Wearing Odd Socks


A PACKED Dublin boardroom has absolutely no idea office rebel Sean Hughes is wearing odd socks, WWN can exclusively reveal.

Hughes, delivering a presentation on integrated software solutions, is revelling in the knowledge that he isn’t wearing matching socks, this despite the fact there is a strict smart dress code and it isn’t even casual Friday.

“I’ve a history of living dangerously, looking out for ways to get the adrenaline pumping and this is just me taking it to the next level,” Hughes explained to WWN.

Sean’s decision to wear odd socks just to “fuck with everybody and the system as a whole” would not appear on the surface to be that shocking until Sean revealed that he had paired a grey sock with a red and white polka dotted one.

“I don’t fuck about mate,” Sean confessed in between changing slides in his presentation.

Another confession which cements Sean’s reputation as the office rebel involved his love of putting food in the office microwave and “just sort of guessing how long it should be in for, a minute, two minutes. Doesn’t matter to me”.

“This corporate machine won’t change me, I’m a raging ball of non-conformist freedom and I ain’t about to change that any time soon,” the 24-year-old confirmed while sweating profusely, fearful one board member might catch sight of his socks.