Woman’s Joke Nowhere Near As Funny As Man Making It Out To Be


AN assembled crowd of men and women who were within earshot of an anecdote told by an attractive young lady earlier today admitted that while her story was indeed quite amusing, there were very few who laughed quite as hard as the guy to her left who just lost his shit altogether, possibly because he fancies the pants off her.

Janet Corgan, 25, told the vaguely amusing story about a “hilarious” thing that happened to her at the weekend while sitting having a coffee with her co-workers in the canteen.

Although the story was at times outright dull, Ciaran Martin, 26, appeared to be breaking his shite laughing throughout it, at times telling Corgan that her tale was “too much” and that it was “the funniest thing” he had ever heard.

Co-workers of the pair have attributed Martin’s apparent loss of self-control to the fact that he is probably trying to ingratiate himself into Corgan’s good books, even though she has never shown any sort of heed in him.

“Guy’s really banking on the humour avenue,” said Paul Carroll, a co-worker who is just about sick of this fake-laughing shit.

“Looks wise she’s way out of his league, so the only chance he has is to suck up to her by laughing at jokes that aren’t in the slightest bit amusing. It’s a chore to listen to Janet at the best of times, without Ciaran braying like an ass throughout”.

Ms. Corgan later admitted that she’s fully aware her co-worker is faking his enjoyment of her stories, but she doesn’t mind because she’s getting attention and that’s all she really wants.