5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Dead


IT may come as a shock to learn, but sadly some of our most beloved celebrities are dead. We’ve compiled a list of 5 celebrities that are sadly no longer with us, whose deaths may have escaped your attention at the time.

1) Brad Pitt.

Born Bradley Hartigan Pitt, the Hollywood heartthrob had starred in a number of classic movies and Mr. And Mrs. Smith, but we sadly lost the acting legend in 2011. While on his off time from acting, Brad was narrating one of his beloved documentaries.

While filming ‘Pitt On Pits’, a cautionary documentary on the dangers of open pits, the then 47-year-old fell into a pit of quicksand in the Gobi desert, never to emerge again. His loss is still felt today, especially by the makers of the Oceans 11 movies, who could have done with cashing in one last time.

2) The horse from ‘Into The West’.

While we don’t have any concrete information regarding Tír Na nÓg, we’re fairly certain that since the movie was released in 1992, the majestic horse in now nothing more than a rotting pile of flesh and bone in Hollywood’s famous pet cemetery.

3) Justin Bieber.

One for the conspiracy theorists, this one, as many people maintain Mr. Bieber is alive and well, but due to the high level of threats made to ‘kill that annoying bastard’ online, it is presumed at least one of these angry internet users have followed through on their threats. We hope. Bieber’s home address is easily available on the web if anyone is looking to act on murderous impulses. RIP Justin.

4) The Christmas Tree from ‘Home Alone’.

A staple of the holiday movie genre, the Macauley Culkin starring Home Alone movie remains a modern day classic and holds up better than many other Christmas-based movies. However, the movie’s production wasn’t without its tragedies, as Culkin attested to in countless behind the scenes interviews at the time.

An unsung hero of the film, which reaffirmed the Christmas setting multiple times was the Christmas tree which stood in the sitting room of the McCallister residence.

Sadly, due to the long days and protracted nature of the filming, which ran over by 6 weeks, the tree was pushing 104 in Christmas tree years and after battling with depression began slumping over and shedding its needles. It finally rotted away on the last day of the film’s shooting. As Culkin noted years later “we all saw it coming, but we were helpless to intervene. I wish I did more to save him at the time”.

5) Paul McCartney.

This entry is a slight cheat. As music historians are aware, many delusional fans claimed McCartney died years ago in the 60s and was replaced by a lookalike which is just crazy. However, he’s not strictly dead, the truth is McCartney is slowing making the journey into his final form – that of a turtle. The singer admitted growing a shell in the early 90s, but now the transformation is ever clearer as his head adopts a more traditional turtle form. Safe journey Paul!