Complimenting Friends Facebook Photos Now A Full Time Job


FACEBOOK has confirmed the creation of 40,000 new jobs in Ireland alone, which will allow website users to dedicate all the time necessary to keeping up with complimenting their friends online.

Most of the positions are expected to be taken up by women who have admitted that trying to keep up with the high demand for compliments from friends after they upload yet another profile picture has made it hard to carry on with other aspects of their life such as working or breathing.

“You don’t want your friend to feel like she’s a heffer, or that you’re a complete bitch. So I end up on Facebook in a constant state of anxiety waiting for the next new profile to comment on. But, after 3 or 4 ‘absolute babe’, ‘gorgeous’ or ‘the bod on you’ you struggle to sound fresh and genuine,” explained Facebook user and serial complimenter Aine Hughes.

While the starting salary for the new positions at the social networking giant have not yet been revealed, the company will carry out extensive training.

“It’s not always clear what the best compliment to give is, depending on the type of selfie or profile picture. Some compliments work better for gym workout pics, or old summer holiday photos. It’s quite hard to get it right, but our training will be intensive and exhaustive,” explained Facebook’s Chief Complimentary Officer Andrews Zyman.

It is estimated some groups of friends can spend up to 4,000 hours a year locked in a constant flow of complimenting one another’s pictures online.