Waterford Woman Starts Ireland’s 1 Millionth Beauty Blog


TERESA Daly, a Waterford city native, has been formally congratulated on starting up Ireland’s latest beauty blog, which now brings the country’s total number of makeup, fashion and clean living focused blogs to 1 million.

Publishing her first post on her ‘You, Me & Beauty’ blog at 9am this morning, Miss Daly started up the blog as she felt there was a dearth of options for young women, should they want to receive large quantities of free makeup and beauty product samples from companies.

“The cost of some make-up has me broke, so I thought I’d set up a beauty blog as the amount of free shit them bloggers get is sickening,” the arts student explained to WWN.

Daly admitted it was a tough process to find the perfect filter for her first few photos, but she found filming her first make up tutorial a great and freeing experience.

“You’d think there was enough videos out there on applying the perfect eyeliner, but there’s only about 42,000 on YouTube at a glance. There is a gap in the market here, to just, ya know, help other women with advice and styles and then get loads of free shit”.

The beauty blogger has been overwhelmed by the response to her 1 hour and 49 minute tutorial on how to apply liquid liner, and hopes the blog goes from strength to strength.

“Look, it’s just my views on things, and I hope it connects with people, but specifically people who will send me free stuff to review. I’m covering all bases just to be safe, so I’ll throw up a picture of me in the gym and what I’m eating for dinner later this evening as well,” Daly confirmed.

Not everyone is happy with the continued rise of the beauty blog in Ireland, as a pressure group is calling for regulation of the industry.

“I followed one of the make-up tutorials of some 12-year-old who had a contouring Masterclass and I look a right state when I hit the town for the night,” Cliona Murphy, of the No More Fake-Up pressure group explained.