Denis O’Brien Currently Sweeping Maltese Residence For Bugs


IRISH businessman Denis O’Brien is currently sweeping his Maltese residence for bugs, a source confirmed to WWN today.

Mr. O’Brien has spent the majority of this morning searching for hidden listening devices and has ordered staff at the mansion to remain silent until he is finished.

“It all started yesterday evening,” said the source, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. “Denis asked me if I could hear a ‘high pitched noise, like a frequency’, before frantically dismantling his phone on the desk and swallowing the SIM card. Then he shushed me again and started feeling the walls with his hands, tapping it as he moved along.”

Yesterday, Mr. O’Brien took legal action against a public relations and consulting firm, Red Flag, alleging members of the company, who previously worked as executives for Independent News & Media, were all involved in a conspiracy against him.

“He made all of the staff at his home strip to their undergarments this morning and searched them for wires,” the source explained. “At one point he started shouting at a light bulb, saying ‘I know you can hear me, you bastards’, before smashing it with a headbutt.”

It is understood Mr O’Brien’s lawyers went to the High Court yesterday seeking orders to allow them to search Red Flag’s premises, but were refused by the Judge on the grounds of basic common sense and understanding of human rights.