Archaeologists Find Ireland’s First Ever Breakfast Roll Perfectly Preserved In Roscommon Bog


A portion of Roscommon’s renowned bogland has been cordoned off by a team archaeologists after the alarm was raised earlier today by a local, after he spotted something jutting out of one of the bog’s many crevasses.

“Stories being going round for years that this is where the first breakfast roll was sold, but sure, I’d never thought I find it myself,” Roscommon local, Eddie Turney told WWN.

The team of archaeologists from TCD were overjoyed to find what they believe is the first ever breakfast roll, perfectly preserved thanks to the bog’s excellent preservation of organic matter.

“We’re over the moon, this thing is at least 1,300 years old, so it’s a serious, serious find. It will put our group on the map internationally too,” Dr. Erwin, Kelly told WWN in a tent close to the original discovery.

While the examination of the breakfast roll is still in its first hours, the experts believe it may have been purchased at a nearby corner shop.

“O’Malley’s Corner Shop, has been in the area for a significant period of time, although I’m sure when this breakfast roll was discovered, the shop was still just a shed, and you had to knock on the O’Malley’s house if you wanted something from the shop,” Dr. Kelly revealed.

The group must now answer the question regarding why the breakfast roll remained uneaten.

“The two dead bodies next to the breakfast roll, may provide us with that answer. But, legend has it that the breakfast roll was highly sought after, once the O’Malley’s revealed they were making it,” Dr. Kelly added.