Supermarket Can’t Believe It Gets Away With Selling 9 Blackberries For 3 Euro


THE manager at a Dublin branch of a prominent supermarket chain has expressed disbelief at the profit margins on pre-packed punnets of fresh fruit, with blackberries standing out as being pure robbery altogether.

Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are frequently sold at high prices to health-conscious consumers, usually in packs of less than a dozen.

Blackberries, usually purchased by blackberry fans, can be bought in punnets containing 12 pieces or less, and in some instances punnets were found to contain as few as 9 berries.

Michael Clarke, purchasing manager for Super-Price supermarkets, frequently finds himself wincing as customers approach the till carrying packs of blackberries, as he is almost certain that they’re about to give him a bollocking for charging 3 euro for an ounce or two of fruit.

“But every time, they just walk up to the till and pay for their berries and away they go,” said Clarke, delighted with his bottom line.

“I mean you’d think people would kick off over the daylight robbery that’s going on here, but they just keep buying away no bother to them. Look at that punnet there; 10 blackberries, tops. And the half of them are smushed. Just watch it for an hour, some lad will buy them without saying a word”.

Clarke went on to add that he’s amazed that people are paying such extortionate prices for a fruit that is available for free from practically every ditch in the country.