Doctors Warn ‘That Friday Feeling’ May Be A Sign Of Cancer


DO you get a tingly feeling from your head to your toes as the weekend approaches? Do shivers of excitement shudder your shoulders as five o’clock nears on a Friday? Do you get ‘that Friday feeling’? If so, you may have cancer, according to a new report from the World Health Organisation.

Studies have shown that along with smoking, eating, drinking, breathing and living, Fridays are just another thing that could cause you to develop enough cancer to kill you twice.

Symptoms can manifest themselves as a surge of positive emotions, usually after an exhausting week at work. This adrenaline surge towards the end of a Friday is the body’s way of getting you ‘over that last hurdle’, where it can be at rest for a few days before the cycle of work kicks up again.

For years, this burst of happiness has been seen as a positive thing, as people young and old get ready to go out and meet friends and enjoy themselves during their weekends, but doctors have stuck a big cancer pin in that notion.

“Life is the biggest cause of death,” said Dr. Raheem O’Malley, spokesperson for the World Health Organisation. “We’ve always known this, and now it’s confirmed. Anyone who looks forward to having a good time and enjoying themselves with family and friends, well, we’re sorry, but it’s probably gonna kill you at some stage.

“We don’t have any positive spin to put on this. Goodbye”. he concluded.