Everything You Wanted To Know About Daniel O’Donnell But Were Too Afraid To Ask


ALWAYS curious about Donegal’s most famous expert, but didn’t want to be laughed at by die-hard fans for not knowing everything about Mr O’Donnell? Well, WWN is here to fill you and answer all your questions.

“What was Daniel’s childhood like?”

Daniel O’Donnell of course spent his formative years in the womb, and then in Donegal but a trip to a Gaeltacht in Miami, Florida in the US of A made the biggest impression on Ireland’s most angelic voice.

The Gaeltacht located on Miami’s Virginia Key Beach was known for its excellent standard of teaching Irish, but was also plagued by an influx of youth gangs made up of Cuban immigrants.

It was here, during his 3 weeks in Miami, Daniel was forced into a series of knife fights on the unforgiving corner spots, the location from which the city’s heroin selling was done.

Daniel maintains he learned a great deal of Irish while in Miami, but regrets being forced into killing 3 teenagers in bloody flick blade battles.

Wasn’t he on Strictly Come Dancing once?”

Why yes he was, tops marks for your O’Donnell knowledge, or as it is known amongst his fan O’Donnelledge.

“Is he any good at dancing?”

While still discovering his voice Daniel spent a year in Paris as a teen, training in the world famous Paris Opera Ballet under the tutelage of the celebrated ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. Daniel was, by all accounts a majestic ballerina, who glided across the floor like a piece of silk caught by a most gentle gust of wind.

Despite his talent and dedication Nureyev feared O’Donnell would eclipse him and become more famous than he, and so at the end of a draining dance off one night, the Russian took a crowbar to Daniel’s legs and brutally smashed them to pieces. So, to answer your question, no, he’s a bit shit.

“Is his music all that gay hymn shite?”

Daniel has experimented with a number of styles over the years, experiencing his biggest success with an album entitled ‘Daniel Does Slipknot’. His 12-track cover version album of all of Slipknot’s best known songs won him new fans in the under 85s age bracket, and culminated in headline sets at Download and Fields of Rock festivals in 2004.

“Does he have a penis?”

Contrary to misconceptions, Daniel O’Donnell was not the subject of Father Ted episode “Night of the Nearly Dead”. In fact, Daniel himself wrote the episode about a rival singer from Donegal who went missing a year before, after a sleepover at the Daniel’s house. He has not been found to this day. Daniel does of course have a penis, but lost contact with it sometime in the late 90s, and sadly they haven’t spoken since.

“I quite fancy him, is he single?”

Oh, hard luck, he is actually happily married to Majella O’Donnell, who for legal reasons, is beyond ridicule.

“I’m not very political, but does Daniel have any views?”

Famously, he came out in support of gay marriage, providing the Yes side with a much needed boost in the run up to the referendum. He was also head of the Cambodian army during the Khmer Rouge’s brutal stranglehold over the Cambodian people. So, no, he’s not big into politics either.