Minister Defends Using Garda Car: “There Was No Water Meter Works At The Time”


MINISTER of State for European Affairs Dara Murphy has rejected claims he abused his position after gardaí drove him from Cork to Dublin Airport to catch a flight to Brussels, stating: “There was no water meter works at the time”.

Murphy sought help after his car broke down on the side of a motorway outside Mitchelstown in at 3am on Sunday, September 13 on his way to the capital for a 6.40am flight.

“I figured there would be plenty of gardaí available since all the Irish Water meter installers were finished for the night,” he told WWN. “I know for a fact gardaí hate Saturday nights because of all the drunks on the streets at that time of the morning. Sure, what did they miss, a few scuffles in the chipper? Big deal.”

The deputy said he had no issue apologising if people thought the decision was improper, but it was a decision he made in order to be able to attend an important meeting.

“Yeah, sorry everyone.” he added, admitting to not actually remembering what the meeting was about. “All I know it was very important and that there was a dinner before hand with a truffle starter I just had to try.”