Bowl Only Fit For The Bin After Weetabix Left In It For Ten Minutes


A CARLOW man has conceded that his favourite cereal bowl is now only fit for the bin, after making the crucial error of not rinsing it immediately after eating his Weetabix this morning.

Kevin McCarroll, 27, left his bowl unattended for as little as ten minutes this morning, after suffering from a sudden need to go have a bowel movement out of nowhere.

In the minutes that passed, the leftover remnants of Weetabix fused themselves with the porcelain of McCarroll’s Breaking Bad ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ novelty themed cereal bowl, forming an immovable bond that no amount of scalding water, Fairy liquid or elbow grease could ever hope to move.

The bowl, a gift to McCarroll from his girlfriend last Christmas, had to be put out of its misery after a half hour of frantic scrubbing failed to budge even the slightest bit of Weetabix.

“Let my tragedy be a warning to you all,” said a visibly moved McCarroll, at a press conference later that day.

“You cannot leave a cereal bowl for even a minute without first rinsing out the uneaten morsels of cereal. Weetabix, porridge, corn flakes.. it doesn’t matter. They can become welded to your favourite bowl in no time, and there’s nothing you can do after that”.

Every year in Ireland, thousands of bowls are thrown in the bin after their owners leave them unrinsed. To date, scientists have yet to find a stronger bonding material than dried Weetabix on smooth ceramic.