Guns N’ Roses Reunite After Realising How Much Money They Can Make


MUSIC fans the world over have rejoiced at the news that rock Gods, Guns N’ Roses are set to reform with their original line up which includes guitarist Slash and singer Axl Rose after concert promoters explained how much money they were set to earn.

“This is for the love of the money,” a band publicist told WWN earlier today, “the guys had to get a calculator with a larger screen just so they could see all the millions they could make”.

The band, famous for their Appetite for Destruction album, which spawned several iconic songs and a legion of devoted fans, is set to embrace the special bond their music has with the bank balances of fans.

“We’re incredibly excited to hit the road again,” explained Guns N’ Roses tour manager Malcolm Hughes, “and that excitement really reached fever pitch when we saw how much we could mark up the price of all official merchandise for the gigs”.

Slash and Axl Rose famously fell out some years ago, with Rose’s penchant for Rockstar strops reaching legendary status , but it seems the two musicians are finally set to put aside their differences.

“That’s the power of money, I mean music, they’ve created this legacy and it’s time to honour it by giving fans a very expensive chance to buy these guys new houses, jets and swimming pools,” Hughes concluded.