4 Things Absolutely Every Unique Girl Does


Are you one of those unique girls? Well then you probably recognise these few ways you just don’t follow the crowd and are a complete law unto yourself.

1) I know it’s crazy but you actually follow football. What the hell? You’re a girl, how do you like, like football? That is so random and unique! Messi or Ronaldo? The offside trap? The systematic failures of the FAI? Somehow, you know this stuff!


2) Absolutely every unique girl is obsessed with the female lead singer of the prominent indie band du jour. Depending on your age this could be anyone from Debbie Harry, Shirley Manson, Karen O and countless others but rest assured you’re out there on your own in your unique obsession of that microphone grabbing, song singing female vocalist.


3) The vintage clothing industry is worth millions, most likely thanks to your purchases and your purchases alone. How you arrived at the decision to kit yourself out in retro fashion stylings from the past is still beyond us. Who else would even think of that?


4) You don’t even scream at the scary parts in movies! Is that even possible? It’s crazy we know, but that’s what makes you so unique, and this is definitely one thing all unique girls can identify with.