Lad Who Didn’t Go To College Has Chip On Shoulder Removed In Minor Procedure


“AH it’s literally and figuratively a weight off my shoulders”.

We spoke to Ciaran Mannion in the warm surroundings of his home just 3 hours after he went under the knife in a procedure becoming more and more common in Ireland in recent years.

“It’s been pointed out to me over the years that I should just get something done about it, but honestly, I was reluctant,” school leaver Mannion confessed to WWN.

Leaving school at 17 in 1999 before sitting his Leaving Cert examinations, Mannion hid the growth of a chip on his shoulder from friends and family, but it only seemed to get worse as old friends returned to Waterford from colleges in Dublin, Cork and Galway for the summer months.

“Oh, God I’d wear loose clothes to hide it, but symptoms started to develop,” Mannion, now the owner of haulage firm, confessed, “you’d sort of find me interrupting people if they mentioned college, and I’ve come out with expletive rants shitting all over formal third level education”.

It got so disruptive that Mannion bit the bullet and sought out the help of a surgeon.

“It was really the best and easiest thing to go through, popped in this morning, a quick cut of a knife, a few stitches and I was back out the door,” said Mannion.

After the instaneous benefits became clear to Mannion, he has already reached out to others he knows, recommending the procedure.

“Oh yeah, there’s a few lads down my local who have bigger chips than me and it’s doing them no good really,” a happy Mannion concluded.