Local Man Mistakenly Thinks Wearing A Singlet In Public Is Acceptable


IF local reports are to be believed Dublin man Gary Shannon has been wearing a singlet to almost all social engagements this week, under the mistaken impression that this is somehow acceptable.

Friends close to the 20-year-old business student have expressed their confusion and anger at Shannon’s decision to attend casual drinks in their local in a singlet, despite not being a surfing native of Hawaii nor had he the excuse of just coming from the gym.

“All I wanted to do was drink my pint, but I just couldn’t get my focus of his nipple, the edge of it was just hanging out the side of the top he had on, staring me out of it,” a visibly shaken friend of Shannon’s, Eoin Crehan told WWN.

Other accounts from Shannon’s social circle seems to similarly describe an individual completely unaware of how ill-suited such attire is to non-gym locations.

“I bumped into him the other day and the state of him, I asked him where was he off to, and he said ‘the shops’ just like it was no big deal to walking around in half a t-shirt,” a disturbed Gary Andrews explained to WWN.

“He asked me did I want to go to the cinema the other night,” another friend, Cian Drummond explained, “when I met him outside, it was Baltic, and there he was in this sleeveless monstrosity. I had to sit through two of Tom Cruise doing stunts, but all I could see was Gary’s armpit hair out of the corner of my eye”.

WWN has been unable to ascertain the reasons for Gary’s clear embracing of the sleeveless singlet, but cannot rule out the fact that it may be, as his friends have suggested, part of a ‘weird sex thing’.