Doctors Baffled As Teenager Cries Her Eyes Out After Break Up


IN the fifth such baffling case this summer, an Irish teenager has cried her eyes out, leading to a fresh appeal from the medical profession.

Such are the high emotions involved in teenage romances, the volume of tear shedding involved proves more intense than any other form of crying.

All five cases, involving four girls and one boy, saw them becoming devastated after the untimely end to a summer romance, but while this may be viewed as par the course by an older generation, doctors have claimed they have never seen the likes of it before.

“I had a patient who came in with her mother, she was hysterical, and her eyes had literally been cried out of their sockets,” explained Carlow GP Dr. Niamh Ahern.

After placing the eyes back in their sockets, Dr. Ahern got to the bottom of this worrying problem with just a few questions.

“The poor girl was just 13 and had taken up with one of the Spanish students over for the summer, but he broke it off with her a week before he was set to go home, he said he wanted to see other people, and this sent the poor girl into floods of tears. The volume of them was incredible, they lubricated the eye up around the sockets and even the slightest movement will see them fall out,” Dr. Ahern explained.

The Irish Medical Council has said research into why these incidents are on the rise remains ongoing.

An appeal has been made for all lovesick teens to keep their crying to a reasonable level, and remain poorly hydrated if they think they feel a good cry coming on.

Any teenager thinking of breaking up with their significant other has been asked to do so in the most humane way possible.