Outrage After Wanderly Wagon Clamped


THE residents and staff of the Wanderly Wagon, one of Ireland’s most beloved supernatural travelling menageries, have reacted angrily to the clamping of the colourful caravan during a short stop in Dublin town.

The wagon, perhaps most famous for its appearance in the beloved RTÉ kids show of the same name, had pulled over in a no-parking zone while its driver O’Brien shot into the shop to do a Lotto quick pick.

Upon emerging, O’Brien noticed that ruthless clampers had descended on the wagon, clamping its wheel and demanding payment of a €120 fine before it would be released. The clamping raised the tempers of all the wagon’s inhabitants, which include a crow, a fox, four mice and an old woman.

“This is the jaysis pits,” said Judge, the talking dog who appointed himself spokesperson for the group.

“We’ve been everywhere in this wagon. We’ve been all around Ireland, to mythical lands… we’ve even been to space, and never once have we been clamped. And then you pull up outside a Centra in Smithfield for two bleedin’ minutes and they’re on you like flies. I hope they’re proud of themselves, we had to give Forty Coats a shout for a bit of a dig-out with the fine”.

Although the team that clamped the wagon were unavailable for comment, reports are coming in that they may have been working in collusion with Dr. Astro and Sneaky Snake.