Local Man Hoping Chinese Factory Explosions Won’t Affect iPhone 7 Rollout


A LOCAL man has today voiced his concerns over the rollout of the iPhone 6s/7 after yet another careless factory explosion in China.

Cormac Murray, with an address in Waterford city, mirrored the fears of thousands of would be Apple enthusiasts, stating that the recent spate of factory explosions could delay production of the smart phone if health and safety regulations are not met across the board.

“What happens if one of those explosions was right beside an Apple factory?” Murray pointed out. “The whole launch would be ruined and no one would get their iPhones before Christmas.

“They should really think about relocating their work force somewhere else; before they all get maimed and rendered useless.”

Just weeks after a previous blast in Tianjin port, yesterday’s explosion at the chemical plant killed at least one person with many more injured. The blast occurred late last night in Dongying city, in the eastern province of Shandong, just hundreds of kilometres away from an Apple production plant.

“I suppose the only good thing about having it in China is there are plenty of children living there to pick up the manufacturing reigns if something went wrong,” added Murray. “Still, though, a delay in the launch would be catastrophic for Apple Inc shares. They really need to get their priorities straight over there if they want to secure confidence in the markets”.

Earlier this month, Apple confirmed the announcement for their new smartphone is set for September 9.