Ed Sheeran Revealed To Be An Elaborate Hoax


BRITISH singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has apparently gone into hiding today after new evidence revealed him to be an elaborate hoax, and not the person he was making himself out to be.

A series of documents leaked to the press revealed that Mr. Sheeran is in fact one Thomas Kent, a 28-year-old out-of-work accountant from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire who is currently married with three kids.

The shocking news comes just days after Sheeran tweeted pictures of his chest, which was inked with a lion tattoo, before following it up later with a picture of a bare, blank chest with nothing on it, sending fans into a speculation frenzy.

At around 10pm last night, several high profile media platforms were emailed a series of documents and pictures confirming that Ed Sheeran was not Ed Sheeran at all, and had been living a double life unbeknownst to fans, family and friends.

A spokesman for the star confirmed the news this morning and has asked the press to respect Mr. Kent’s privacy as he deals with the fallout from such a revelation.

“Mr. Kent would like to thank all his fans for all their support over the years and he would like to apologise for pulling the wool over their eyes, and especially over the eyes of his loved ones,” said the spokesperson. “In 2010, Thomas lost his job in an accountancy firm and was too proud to tell his family; so he began a secret career in music.

“In his defence, he never thought it would get to this stage and I can confirm he will now formally retire to focus his attentions on his wife and kids. Thank you all,” he concluded.

It is understood that Mr. Kent’s wife had no idea her husband of eight years was in fact Ed Sheeran as he wore a ginger wig to disguise himself and bleached his eyebrows.

Speaking briefly outside her home to a crowd of reporters, she simply said: “I’m as shocked as everyone else, but also quite proud of Tom in achieving what he did worldwide. And here’s me thinking he was cheating on me with someone in the office. I’m kind of relieved.”

Ed Sheeran was not available for comment.