WWN Guide To Nailing Bohemian Rhapsody At Karaoke


STILL one of their most popular hits some forty years since it’s release, Queen’s poignant classic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ remains one of the most-requested songs by drunk lads at karaoke nights.

With so many people performing the song in bars and at house parties all across the country, it can sometimes be a struggle for drunkards to really put their stamp on it and make it their own. Follow our guide, and you’ll win the crowd over with your mercurial excellence!

Get in early

Bohemian Rhapsody is performed at least thirty times over the course of any event which involves karaoke, so be sure to get in early! People can tire of a song the ninth time they hear it, so get in quick so that they’re still onboard. Starting early means you may not be as drunk as you would like, so pound a few shots while you’re about three songs out.

Liven up the start

It takes two minutes and thirty seconds of slow-paced piano for BH to really get going, and this can really kill the momentum of a karaoke night. So be sure to spice up Freddie’s lyrics of pain and regret with shout-outs to your mates, combined with chuckled “fuck off, you” comments to anyone who you feel may be slagging you off.

Do the guitar solo

One of Brian May’s finest solos stands in the way of you and the rest of the song, but don’t just stand there like a chump: grab an air guitar and join in! If that fails, hoist an equally drunk woman out of the crowd and give her the standard drunk-man-dancing-with-drunk-girl move of holding her hand up and letting her turn around under your arm, before you return to the stage to rock the fuck out of the rest of this thing.


The lyrics are there on the screen in front of you, but they don’t make no sense to you in your drunken state. Fear not! These lyrics make fuck all sense at the best of times, and nobody really cares. This next bit was sung by Freddie and the rest of Queen, so try and get a few of your shitfaced mates to add in a Galileo or two to help you out.


we’ve finally arrived at the bit of the song you were humming in your head when you first browsed the karaoke track list, before you remembered that it took four minutes of looking like a sap to get to it. It’s the bit from Wayne’s World! With the headbanging! Get to it my man, go fucking bananas. you’ve earned it.

Just walk offstage

Bohemian Rhapsody concludes with nearly two minutes of OOOHHS and “anyway the wind blows”, but you’re done after the headbanging bit. So just walk offstage, and hit the bar for another round. So what that everyone else has to wait two minutes for the rest of the song to play? You fucking rocked it man! Atta boy!