98% Of Keys In The Other Pocket


A STUDY carried out over a five year period has found that 98% of house and car keys can be found in the other pocket, and not the first pocket you thought initially.

Researchers from Oxford University surveyed 100 adult males and 100 adult females and asked them to record the number of times they mistakenly reached for the wrong pants pocket when looking for keys.

“What we found was astonishing,” professor Henry Barchfield explained. “A staggering 98% of people we surveyed searched the wrong pocket first before finding their keys in the opposite side. This recurring mistake seems to be more frequent when the subjects’ hands were full at the time, with shopping bags and other such items”.

Prof. Barchfield said it was safe to assume that picking the opposite pocket was probably the best option going forward before searching and wasting your time.

“If you’re walking to your car with shopping and you need to go for your car keys: go for the other pocket and not the first one. It will never be in there. Period.” Prof. Barchfield added.

The study also found that 93% of lost keys were mostly where you last left them: on the mantelpiece, on top of the microwave oven or fridge or down the side of the couch.