Local Council Gang Charging Terrified Residents €2.50 An Hour To Park Their Cars


A DUBLIN community is said to be ‘terrified’ as it continues to be intimidated by a local council gang who are charging residents as much as €2.50 per hour to park their cars.

With a scarcity of car parking spaces in the Kilmainham area of Dublin, it is believed a gang, going by the name of the ‘Local Council’ pounced on the vulnerable locals, demanding money in exchange for free passage into parking spaces, which are few and far between.

These fresh reports come hot on the heels of news detailing criminal activity in Crumlin where individuals are extorting residents in exchange for leaving their cars in one piece and undamaged.

“I live in the apartment building across the way, but there’s not enough spaces in their car park so I’m forced out onto the road here and all I can say is that I’m scared,” Kilmainham resident Andrew Hally told WWN.

“They’ve become very organised over time, and if you don’t heed to their requests to fork over €25 quid for a day’s parking, they send in their heavies,” Hally added in a hushed tone.

The ‘heavies’ referred to by Hally are a clandestine group of mercenaries hired by the Local Council called ‘the Clampers’. While little is known about them, it is thought that they are a heartless band of sadist who show no mercy to even the most vulnerable of car owners.

“What can we do? We can’t go to the authorities and speak out, if that happens the Local Council have threatened to go 24 hours a day with their €2.50 demands,” another resident Margaret Nolan explained to WWN.

“Oh, and good luck getting any change back from them if you only have three one euro coins,” Nolan added.