The Edge Finally Gets Beanie Surgically Removed After Four Hour Procedure


U2 GUITARIST David Evans, aka The Edge, made his first public appearance at a charity fundraiser in Germany, just two days after a gruelling 4 hour procedure to remove a beanie hat that had been stuck to his head for the past 20 years.

Looking a little dishevelled, Mr Evans said he was delighted to be finally rid of the polyester hat, after a rare chemical reaction bonded it to his scalp in 1995.

“The missus at the time used this cheap washing powder she got from God knows where and whatever way it reacted to me bleedin’ sweat, it stuck like superglue,” he told WWN, nervously fixing his comb over. “Doctors told me the only way to take it off would be to remove my scalp too, so it was decided to leave it there until there was another way to remove it.”

Unfortunately for the U2 star, it would take twenty years for medical science to come up with a technique to remove the beanie without damaging his scalp.

“Stings a bit now alrigh’, but tis great to get the bit of fresh air in at it,” he added. “There’s a lot less hair there now than there used to be, wha’? Haha. I’m like a feckin’ Bobby Charlton here with the wind”.

The hat, which was severely damaged during the surgery, is expected to go to a charity auction at a starting price of €45,000.